Going down for reboot right now - Ghost 0.7.4

Going down for reboot right now - Ghost 0.7.4

Ghost 0.7.4 steht zum Download zur Verfügung. Grund genug, unser System zu aktualisieren und die Website kurzzeitig offline zu nehmen. Theoretisch merkt man nichts. Praktisch hoffentlich auch nicht. Hoffentlich.

Ghost 0.7.4 is now available on GitHub, npm and Ghost.org. This contains a handful of bug fixes for things which weren't quite right in 0.7.3, particularly relating to the new Public API features.


  • [Fixed] Tag pages for tags starting with numbers
  • [Fixed] Helpers still causing aSyNcId errors when used inside the {{#get}} helper
  • [Fixed] ghost.url.api() utility issue with multiple requests
  • [Fixed] authentication error on resubmitting setup/two
  • [Fixed] broken @last when using {{#foreach}} with limit
  • [Fixed] Duplicate URL input field in image uploader

Wie aktualisieren?

Auf Uberspace gibt es ein geiles update-ghost.sh Script, was automatisch ein Backup anlegt, den Service stoppt, Ghost aktualisiert und wieder startet. Easy Living.


Note: Having a correctly configured url in config.js is a hard requirement since 0.7.2. If you get the error Access Denied from url whilst trying to login, please see the configuration documentation.