How to import RSS-Feeds into you facebook page?

Damn… a few days ago, the well know and widely used service rss graffiti, a way to import your (different) rss feeds from websites into facebook (pages), was shutted down. The reason is money, the service was not profitable, it produced more costs than users was willing to pay for. 500 paying users against 30.000 user who are used it for free. So the step is really consequent! But a big hole in the facebook universe.

[RSS Graffiti AnnounRSS Graffiti Announcement Shutting Down

After that, Users on facebook declaring there were old posts missing (rss graffitti deactivated their app-id so every imported article in every page where gone) etc. pp., but now, everything is like before - except there will be no new articles imported, ever.

Long time ago, it was possible by Facebook itself to import rss feeds, but this function is missing and old articles, referring to this options, are deprecated.

Tha Solution

The only way I found out is to use IFTTT, a webservice spelled If This Than That which literally means if this happens, please do that for me. "If I upload a picture to instagram, please download it to my dropbox and also post it to my flickr account".

If you keep this in mind, you can use this service to use it as "if a new post in the rss feed appears, please post it to my facebook page".

Mein Rezept für euch

IFTTT Recipe: Neue Artikel auf Facebook Seite (RSS GRAFFITI) connects feed to facebook-pages


And that's it was we do now here. But it is not as comfortable as rss graffiti was, because articles are not posted as nice as before, most of the time pictures are not recognized etc. etc.… just a quick and dirty solution in my opinion.

If someone knows other solutions than IFTTT working the same way rss graffiti does, I would be really appreciated if one drop me a line in the comments.