New Theme

New Theme

It's been a long time since I first tried to move my weblog at to ghost.

The weblog there at is powered by Wordpress. So far, so good, there are different ways to export everything and import it back to ghost and normally, it's not a big deal. But for me, it is.

Mostely the MOVE is made with xml and json, export from wordpress to xml, convert it to json, import to ghost via json - done.

But this only works if your database at wordpress is not too big. Like mine is. Otherwhise, Worpdress fails to run the export script long enough and it falls into errors or simply does nothing. I can export it via SQL, but I dont know how I can convert my whole 60 MB zipped SQL Database and use it with json.

And that's the reason I never got this thing done. But with this new Theme I am actually running here at - and now we are going back to my headline - I will try it again. The Moveing. I got new motivation because it looks so nice, the typo is so sexy and… yeah, I simply love it.

  • I exportet everything to xml from wordpress by years, so I have several xml files with the content of my old wordpress weblog
  • I tried to install wp2ghost but it doenst work. I can't get it running on my mac neither in my uberspace. [UPDATE] It runs now.
  • After the posts itself (the text), there is no solution for all the images in my weblog. Again, I startet my blog in 2005, there are 60 MB posts.sql and lots of Gigabyte Images and other things.
  • [UPDATE] Things going better and better. I now used the a way described above. I only export xml by year and than wp2ghost it to json, the converting-process runs flawelessly and than I directly import it to ghost. It works.

Hello friends, now I can finally say the golden words: I AM DONE. You can browse this weblog, it countains every article since 2005. But there is still the problem with my old uploaded wp-content. Maybe I can change the new urls to the old folder via .htaccess file.